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At Full Potential we offer several types of Self Defense Classes though our primary goal is to offer Women’s Self Defense and Awareness training sessions to raise awareness, keep them from becoming a target and teach physical skills to stay safe.


A Weekly 2 hour Self Defense Class based around a progressive Level Based Curriculum (Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Perfect for Beginners and advanced practitioners as you move into the class at whatever skill level you are at.


Monthly 2-3 hour Seminars based around certain topics (Stick work, Edged Weapon Defense, Locks & Takedowns, Grappling & Ground Fighting, Situational Self Defense and many more).

Specialty Training

  • Women’s Self Defense & Awareness Course: Courses are 4 to 12 sessions in length.
  • Teen Introduction: 1 hour time blocks for groups of teenagers. Done at local Saskatoon High Schools designed to follow the Saskatchewan Provincial Curriculum.
  • Private Training: Minimum of 1 hour time blocks of instruction (discount if 5 or more are purchased at a time).
  • Law Enforcement/Security Training: Specific Arrest & Control and Combatives training for persons looking to increase their skills on the job.
  • Reality Based Training: For Martial Artists or other persons wanting to take their existing skills and add Combat Proven Techniques and Strategies. No flashy movements and no nonsense just efficient techniques for real life self defense.
  • Other Specialty Training Includes: Edged Weapons, Grappling & Ground Fighting, Empty Hand Striking, Takedowns & Throws, Locks and Escorts, Base Disruptions & Foot Trapping and more.

Interested in training with us?

We only take new students at specific points throughout year. If you are interested in Self Defense Training, please contact us. Describe your specific training background (if any), what you would like to learn and your reasons for wanting to start training with us.

*If you are interested in firearms education and training please visit


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