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At Full Potential, Adriana & Jeff Johnsgaard offer you a personal connection to achieving your fitness goals. They are more than just motivators and teachers, they pride themselves on being able to build a relationship with their clients based on Safety, Fun and Achieving YOUR Goals!

We would like to educate you on safe methods for physical training techniques and developing work out plans. Also, we would like to offer you Nutritional Information for aiding you in your weight loss and fitness enhancing.


Regular Classes

Open to anyone and everyone, space is limited as we like to keep smaller groups of 6 and under.

Specialty Classes

These are based around specialty groups. We have Women’s Only, Teens, Pre & Post Natal, Pre & Menopausal Women, Injury/Rehabilitation, Combating Chronic Disease and Seniors Classes.

Boot Camps

Boot Camps run for anywhere to 4 weeks to 4 months in length consisting of 2 to 4 work outs a week. Check back here for more information on our Spring and Summer 2013 Boot Camps. First Camps start in May 2013 in the Saskatoon Willowgrove, Evergreen, Arbour Creek, Erindale, Sutherland, Silverspring, Forest Grove, University Heights areas.  

90 Day Fitness & Nutritional Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge is a Fitness & Nutrition Challenge designed to offer you the absolute best chance of reaching YOUR Goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone muscle or increase specific athletic performance, the 90 Day Challenge works. It is designed around two things:  

  1. YOU & YOUR specific schedule!  It does not matter if you are a shift worker or travel for work we will choose dates for training that revolve around you and your schedule.  
  2. SUPPORT!  You will be doing each of your work privately with either Adriana or Jeff who are there to educate and keep you motivated.

Prior to your first workout, we will perform a Nutritional Evaluation from a “food log” you complete. Then we teach and help you understand why the typical North American diet or even the standard “food pyramid” is not an optimal lifestyle. Further education on food shopping, meal planning and how to prepare quality food, are all addressed.

CrossFit Nitor

Full Potential is very happy to be a registered affiliate of CrossFit. As such we are able to instruct and advertise the name of CrossFit via the many certifications we have achieved in training from CrossFit headquarters.

Full Potnetial’s most popular fitness program is our 90 Day Fitness & Nutritional Challenge. This program is based on many of the concepts that CrossFit promotes. Those people wanting to transition into a CrossFit fitness program typically treat the 90 Day Challenge as an “on ramp” program to it for learning many of the physical movements, nutritional education and initial body transformation. For those of you wishing to learn more about Full Potential’s unique perspective on CrossFit training completely tailored to each individual please contact us. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer each individual a quality structured fitness program to achieving your goals.

Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy are all addressed. Looking and feeling Great are simply a bonus!


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