“I appreciate working with Adriana because she helps me understand PCOS and my hormones and what I can do to help myself. With Adriana’s guidance and coaching I have been able to get my A1C numbers to a healthy level and without any medications! Adriana presents the facts and science in a way that I can understand. Most important for me is the energetic and encouraging way in which Adriana engages and partners with me so that I can be in charge of my health.”

          “I met Adriana 2 years ago after the birth of my twins. I was interested in the ketogenic lifestyle to lose my twins weight and hopefully prevent cancer as my dad had passed away from cancer in 2011. She was very knowledgeable and willing to share information. I followed the keto lifestyle until life happened and old bad habits came back. Fast forward to 2019, I fell down my basements stairs and landed with my right arm extended over my head…2 months later I found out it was breast cancer. I was devastated as I had 2-year-old twins at home and a 7-year old. After a good cry, I decided I would do what ever it took to beat this bitch. Did I contact Adriana at that time? No, I did not. I thought, I’m an intelligent woman, I could take the principles that she had taught me a couple year ago and apply it and be ok. I was not ok. I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction in June 2019 and 5 weeks after that started chemo. I was getting the maximum amount of chemo as my cancer was Stage 3 local breast cancer. I started AC chemo end of July 2019 – 4 biweekly treatments. I tried really hard to put into place the principles I was taught. I was not successful. By the time I had my 4th treatment, I was so sick and malnourished that I was barely functioning. I was severely neutropenic and ended up in the hospital for 12 days over Thanksgiving with a massive infection. When I was in the hospital, I quickly came to realize that the traditional medical system was not going to help me. Yes, they would give me antibiotics to assist in the infection, but the information I got on how to recover was so misleading. I was told to eat items that I had a known allergy to because digestively they were easily tolerated. I was told to consume as many calories in any form that I could in order to get my calories in. It was at that point that I knew I needed help. The team that was assembled for me was not the team I needed. Don’t get me wrong most of the doctors and nurses were trying to help to the best of conventional medicines abilities. It wasn’t enough, I just about died. It was while I was in my hospital bed that I reached out to Adriana. Immediately, she was on my team. We had 2 weeks to get me as prepared as possible for my next round of chemo. She worked very hard in those 2 weeks to review my medical file to customize the program for my exact type of cancer and my home life.

          “Working with Adriana through my second round of chemo has been a life changer. I had minimal side effects. Taxol is known for making you lose all of your hair…I haven’t lost any, in fact it has been growing. I don’t have any of the neuropathy that it is known for. I was able to function…more than function I was able to be a mom. I felt better during this round of chemo than I did prior to my diagnosis even years ago before my body developed cancer. Adriana has been with me through the up’s and downs. She is very straight forward and provides you information about why you are doing what you are doing so that you understand. She has been such a support system. On bad days she was an empathetic ear and then gave solutions. On the good days she’s been such a cheerleader. On the days I needed to be straightened out, she would straighten me out. Choosing to work with Adriana made this process so much easier. I was able to have a life with my kids while having treatments.

          “Your journey will not be easy. Adriana can and will help you navigate your journey and she will do it with experience and compassion you will not see in conventional medicine. She will help with the questions you should be asking your medical team in order to get the best treatment. Working with Adriana will make your journey, a journey of thriving not just surviving.

          “The one word I would use to describe my working with Adriana is hope. I now have hope that I will be able to see my kids grow up and that I can be the kind of mom my kids deserve. I am thriving, not just surviving.”